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Ginger Doss and Linda Millard
Special musical guest performers:
Ginger Doss and Linda Millard
Ginger Doss is a Bad Ass Hippie Warrior of Love and Music ~ Servant of the Light singing songs for the soul ~
If you like to feel uplifted by a performance, if you believe in the power of music to heal,
transform, and make a positive difference in the world. if you like to dance and drum and allow
the energy of music to take you to a higher place then you and I are on the same page.
I strive to do all this and more with my music and for the communities I serve.
It is how I can help the people and planet I love.

Lynda Millard is an accomplished singer songwriter whose career spans many successful
original band projects in which she contributed her life changing songwriting,
signature bass playing, vocal prowess and spine tingling command of the flute.
Together with Ginger she founded the popular rock band Dreamtrybe in the early 2000s
and before that, helped form and was a front member of the highly acclaimed Velvet Hammer.
Now touring with Ginger Doss, she contributes not only her talents on bass, vocals and flute,
but her songs and energy as well. Best of friends, when GInger and Lynda join their voices and songs,
the connection between their souls is palpable. They have a harmonic grace that can only come from
an energy that spans many lifetimes, not only musical but physical incarnations as well.

Toby Stell
Toby Stell

A little bit rock, blues, folk and some metal intertwined.
Acoustic/electric guitar, world percussion/drummer,
songwriter, poet, bard and all around Renaissance man.

Ted Miller
Ted Miller
Ted uses multiple instruments to create music to feed the mind, body,
and soul with a pinch of humor. Ted will be performing with several
friends to create the feeling of the backyard jam session.


Chuck Drumming

Chuck Morris, founder of Drumming in the Spirit of Harmony Drum Circle
will once again be leading our drum circle in drumming at the event.

Drummers of all experience levels are welcome, from beginner to advanced.
Even if you have never drummed before, feel free to join us.
We will have extra drums, rattles and shakers on hand.

Everyone is a drummer! If your heart beats, you are a drummer.
Listen to the beat of your heart and feel the rythm within your soul.
Then let your hands move to the rythm across the head of your drum.

We are again working on lining up a talented crew of dancers for this year's HPPD.

Dance performances have become a core part of the Houston Pagan Pride Day event
and this year promises to be yet again one of the crowd favorites.