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Charlayne Elizabeth Denney Charlayne Elizabeth Denney - 5-star rated by Paranormal Romance Guild

Author: Fangs and Halos Series
Website: http://charlaynedenney.com/

Given my habit of checking people for fangs, I discovered my own vampires and Lilly, Marcus, and the rest of the gang all live in the books I write. Of course, this weirds out my grandkids and kids.

As the author of the Fangs & Halos series, I like sitting in dark rooms and imagining all sorts of strange things. Daylight is okay but the darkness, that’s the place for me! Book 1, Lilly’s Angel and Book 2 Marcus’ Vampire are available at my autograph table.

When not hanging with the vampires, I am a level 90 gnome mage, Rubyrose, on the World of Warcraft Argent Dawn server where I kick butt, take names, and run in raids with my son, his dad, the dad’s brother, the son’s wife, and my husband as well as a few others. The family that raids together, stays together.

I found my husband, Bruce, through a want-ad in the program book for ConTroll 93, he thinks it was just the button that said “I still miss my ex but my aim is improving” that did it. I’ve attended, worked, and guested at conventions in Texas since 1979.

Books available on: Barnes & Noble Amazon Smashwords
Lilly's Angel Marcus's Vampire Vampire Revolution Vampire Revolution